The Society’s Vision, Aims and Values

Society Vision:

To have Registrants in whom users of assistive technology have confidence and trust; and to be the Society to which assistive technology practitioners aspire to belong.

Society Aim:

To provide a professional career structure and status (including Continuing Professional Development facility and worthwhile support) for those competent individuals who perform vital practical roles in the assistive technology (healthcare equipment and appliances) sector.

The Society Patron

Baroness Glenys Thornton

Baroness Thornton became working Labour peer in 1998.

From 1998 - 2008 she has served on various select committees, and worked on a huge number of bills passing through the Lords - most of the legislation concerning Children, the Disabled and Charities.

The Board

The Board

The Society Executive Team is composed as follows:

  • The Director General of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA)
  • A nominated member of the BHTA Board
  • The Chair of the Society Council
  • A current Registrant Member of the Society

The Executive Team is the strategic decision making function of the governance structure, setting KPI’s and the strategic business plan in addition to  managing the Secretariat.

Key responsibilities of the Executive Team

The Advisory Board

A body of senior figures from the industry, either practising or retired, that advise the Society Council and make recommendations for long term growth and the achievement of corporate aims and objectives. The Board do not instruct the Society Council but advise it.

The Board oversees the complaints process and is the body responsible for assessing appeals made against the decision of the Conduct and Discipline Panel.

The Society Patron holds the position of Chair of the Advisory Board.

Advisory Board members:

Darren Awang

The Society Council

The Society Council are responsible for setting the corporate aims and objectives, the growth plan and the day to day operation of the Society. The members of the Council are all members of the Society.

Kay Purnell: Council Chair

Business Development Manager, Blatchford Clinical Services

Richard Handley

Managing Director, Care and Independence Systems Ltd

Diane Hargrove

Aexis Medical Product Manager, BES Rehab Ltd

Tracey Hellowell